Drama is a great book if you are into graphic novels. The main character Callie is stage crew with her good friend Liz for the school play of Moon Over Mississippi. When she was pinning the flyer for Moon Over Mississippi on the flyer board two brothers named Justin and Jesse came over to look at the flyer. With Callie, Justin and Jesse becoming friends now and Justin in the play, Jesse joins stage crew.

A long time later….It’s the night of the show and everything was okay until Callie said something about the leading female getting dumped and she got so sad she ran off the stage after the curtains closed. Jesse had to fill in for her. The play ended and now the next thing to think about is prom. There is not much about prom in the book but it is a big deal to the kids in the school. After prom the stage crew of Moon Over Mississippi had a meeting and at that meeting they told Callie that she was the new stage manager. I hope they have a second book.